Misha d s
Orange, CA
I love edgy projects, though, I am very open minded. I have a "partly-colored" canvas, as you could say, my tattoos are visible in most shots, so if you are looking for the blank canvas, unfortunately, I am probably not going to be your first choice to work with.

I love collaborating on new and exciting ideas to create images that are more than just a "pretty picture" but rather also tell a story of their own. My work ethic is strong and this is not just for fun. Accountability and presence are two qualities that I pride myself in, so please do not book to shoot with me if you are not of the same nature! There is no diva status here, I am very easy to work with and professionalism is a must.

I am looking to not only build and expand my portfolio, but also to grow with the industry. The Chameleon effect is necessity. I will prove to be the character you need for the project at hand.

I will not do porn/fetish/erotica style shoots or projects, please do not email me with such requests. I do not wish to waste anyone's time.

Feel free to message me with inquiries as I have done promotional model, trade-show, hosting work as well. Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to collaborating!
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